MVPA About Us

Our Vision

MVPA Musalla (Mountain View Palo Alto Musalla) provides the space to revive the traditional “Mohalla Masjid” or “neighborhood mosque” in an American context. It caters to the spiritual and social needs of the local Muslim community by providing space and opportunities for daily Islamic religious practices, community bonding, learning, community service and for fostering relationships based on mutual respect with other faith and non-faith communities in the local area.

mvpa islamic center

Our Goals

Our Goal is to establish an open and affirming community center that serves the spiritual, educational, and social needs of the greater community.



Focus on serving the spiritual needs of the local Muslim community


Leverage the central location to educate the Houston community about the beauty of Islam and promote inter-faith collaboration


Foster a sense of belonging to a community by organizing activities that will attract individuals and families to the masjid.


– Bi-monthly guest lecturers (Pizza Nights)
– Weekend School- Urdu classes
– Weekly new Muslim classes
– Weekly halaqas for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students (see Events for more information)
– Women’s Self Defense Class


– Ramadan iftars
– Eid celebrations
– Qiyam prayers
– Friday prayers


– Initiated a membership drive
– Bi-monthly family nights
– Eid Picnic
– Community Outreach Barbecue

Questions, comments, or want to get involved?